TimeLapse: Stormscapes 2

29 de dezembro de 2014

Se você gosta de nuvens e tempestade este vídeo é como pornografia pra você. O fotógrafo Nicolaus Wegner passou de Maio até Setembro de 2014 filmando tempestades e nuvens em Wyoming, Montana, Dakota do Sul, Nebraska e Colorado.

Stormscapes 2 Stormscapes 2 Stormscapes 2Stormscapes 2

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  • Claudia disse em 01/01/2015 | 12:25.



  • Livya disse em 06/01/2015 | 11:11.

    Incrível! Fiquei hipnotizada, enquanto assistia…


  • Juan disse em 05/09/2015 | 05:26.

    I don’t normally copy centomms across from one place to another, but this is a comment gurdonark left on YouTube: We all live in time-lapse photography of a sort, with memory providing a more reliable and less reliable function than the sound card/film media.Yet it requires a time-lapse video to remind us how we live in flux, in a process, in a setting that changes all around us, all the time.I love the way the tree is the focal point of the piece, leaving the human scurrying the puzzle and added attraction.Thank you so much for including Roadrunner in your fun. I love this use of my music!


    • Micheal disse em 12/03/2017 | 02:06.

      This is so cool. Great to see the waxer and wood clothespins step in to do their part. You wrote about overcoming the "little voice" of resistance. So, how long did the mat-eqteubuilding take?


    • supercuts discounts coupons disse em 22/03/2017 | 06:55.

      Moxargon is the all knowing, all seeing, all powerful master of all he surveys. Infallible and brilliant, Moxargon will bring the galaxy to it’s knees. Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.



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